Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular Operations for women in terms of body beauty and vitality. Women who do not have the desired breasts can achieve their dream breasts by having a breast augmentation procedure. As a result of both giving birth and some diseases, the breasts can become smaller. Breasts without volume may not meet the desired aesthetic beauty on the body. In this case, women can achieve body beauty by performing breast augmentation surgery and get rid of the “small breast” problem.
Small breasts can cause some problems not only aesthetically but also psychologically in women. Each woman naturally wants to have fresher and aesthetically large breasts. Desirable living and having large breasts can be achieved with breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation After & Before

Reasons For Breast Augmentation

One of the most important regions in women’s bodies is breasts. Both women’s aesthetic anxiety and relationship with the opposite sex naturally desire to have more beautiful and large breasts. As a result of some ailments, diseases, and birth-giving loss of breast volume can be experienced. This can naturally lead to women losing both their aesthetic beauty and experience various problems in their social lives and individual psychologies.

Some women can have problems with the balance of their breasts. One breast can be larger or smaller than the other. This can naturally cause the breasts to look bad on the body from an aesthetic point of view.

Can Anyone Have Breast Augmentation Procedure ?

Every woman whose breast development is completed naturally can get breast aesthetics. Women who have completed puberty and their breasts have ceased to develop can apply for breast augmentation. The most important issue in breast augmentation procedures is that the breasts have become final. If the development and growth have been completed but still do not have the desired breast size, breast augmentation can be performed.

In addition to women who think that their breasts are small, women who have a reduction in their breasts after pregnancy may also have breast augmentation surgery. Women who have deformities or imbalances in their breasts may also want to have breast enlargement aesthetics to make their breasts look more aesthetic.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before breast augmentation surgery performed by specialized plastic surgeons in the field, the patient’s desire is first taken into consideration. The patient who is going to undergo breast augmentation will tell the surgeons what size breast volume she wants to have. The surgeon who listens to the patient’s demands will share with the patient whether the desired breast size is both physiologically and health appropriate.

Many factors are taken into account when determining the ideal breast size. The ideal breast size is decided by considering various factors such as breast structure and balance, body shape, length of arms, shoulder, and length of the patient.

One of the most important issues during breast augmentation surgery is which parts of the implants will be placed. In this process, specialist plastic surgeons fully take into account the patient’s wishes. Implant placement can be made from three different points: the dark part around the nipple, the lower part of the breasts and the armpit. At this point, the surgeon and the patients make a joint decision to decide which area the implants will be placed in. After the surgery, the surgeon will discuss the process and post-surgery issues with the patients.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Implant Breast Augmentation ?

Silicone breast implants are used in breast augmentation surgery operations. There are different types of silicone breast implants. Silicone implants are placed in the appropriate area during breast augmentation surgery by surgeons who are experts in the field.

Types of implants are found in different volumes and shapes. Patients can decide what type of silicone they prefer, if necessary, with the help of specialist surgeons. Surgeons will help patients with the implant that will be used during breast augmentation surgery.

What Are The Types Of Silicone Breast Implants ?

There are different types of silicone breast implants that patients may prefer. In terms of the contents of the implants, there are two types of breast implants: the breast implants with saline and silicone content. Silicone is also used in saline implants.

Breast implants are also divided into different types according to the surface structure: these are breast implants that have a flat and rough surface. In terms of shape, there are two different breast implants: drop-shaped and round shaped.

Saline implants: it is a type of implants that is in the content salt water used. This type of implants, which was often preferred before, is still used today but is not as preferred as before.

Silicone implants: this type of prosthesis, which is filled with silicone, is one of the most natural feelings in the breast.

Round implants: the types of round implants that have mostly loose tissue are the types of implants that the patient and the surgeon mostly decide to choose.

Drop implants: as the name suggests, these kinds of implants that resemble the shape of the drop are also described as anatomical silicone

Is The Silicone Implants Used In Breast Procedure Reliable

So far, laboratory experiments and in studies of silicone implants used in breast procedures or any discomfort in terms of health it has been proven that doesn’t cause any problems. For this reason, silicone breast implants can be used for many years in breast augmentation operations with peace of mind. Patients and surgeons discuss and decide together to the most appropriate silicone implants to be used during the surgery.

How Are Silicone Breast Implants Placed ?

Silicone breast implants are placed on the breasts from different parts of the body. The areas can be beneath the breast, the circumference of the nipple, and the armpit. According to the patient’s preference, specialist surgeons place the implants in the breast from the relevant location. Patients often prefer to have implants placed in the lower breast area because the incision will remain on the lower side of the breast, so the incision line will not be visible.

What To Take Care About On The Breast Augmentation Surgery Day ?

Before or on the day of breast augmentation surgery, specialist surgeons share with patients what needs to be done in detail. You should avoid any food consumption after midnight unless otherwise indicated by surgeons. In addition, it is also beneficial for the patient to wear comfortable clothes on the day of surgery.

Before surgery, it is very important for patients to tell the surgeons about their past ailments, if any. Because the patient’s previous ailments can pose any risk during the breast augmentation operation. Therefore, sensitive and careful attention should be given to the surgeons in detail.

How is The Breast Augmentation Procedure Performed ?

Breast augmentation surgery is performed by making a cut from the area previously preferred by the patient and placing the implants in the breast. With a simple operation, implants are placed in the breast and patients get the fresh and voluminous breasts they desire.

Breast augmentation surgery is a type of surgery that patients prefer upon their own wishes. It does not create any health necessity. It is entirely the patients ‘ personal choice and the aim of the operation is to have more beautiful, alive and larger breasts. Patients who want to feel better both socially and spiritually apply to breast augmentation procedures and successfully achieve the appearance they want with these operations.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery ?

After a breast augmentation procedure, patients can return their daily activities. However, after the operation, an average of 1 to 2 days should be spent as a rest process. At the same time, heavy work and activities should be avoided. After this rest period, you can return to daily activities.

After surgery, patients are dressed in baleen-free bras. The purpose of this is to prevent the pain that may occur. For about 30 days, patients can avoid pain by wearing this baleen-free bra. After the surgery, the healing process is followed by the surgeons at certain intervals and the patient is informed about the process and the completion of the treatment is provided.

After breast augmentation surgery, pain may occur in the region that will last for several days. The pain that may occur during the healing process of the place where the incision is made is very usual. Surgeons will tell you when to wear your normal bras after surgery. Patients can be discharged within 1 day after the operation.