Breast Reduction

The breast reduction procedure is one of the often preferred cosmetic operations. It is usually performed to achieve aesthetically ideal equality and the size of the breasts. Large breasts can sometimes cause a variety of problems in women. Therefore, breast reduction is one of the most requested treatment methods by women. With this method of treatment, large breasts can be reduced to the size desired by the patients and a more beautiful appearance can be obtained.
Breast reduction surgery is one of the successful treatment methods. The fact that the breasts are too large makes the body aesthetically disproportionate. Weight gaining, growth due to various ailments or breastfeeding are some of the important factors in the formation of larger breasts in women.

Breast Reduction After & Before

Why is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed

Breast reduction surgery may be preferred to achieve a more aesthetic appearance, but it may also be preferred to eliminate some health problems. Problems caused by large breasts, people can not wear the clothes they want, low back pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and various spine pain can be. These are the reasons people often resort to the breast reduction procedure.

Who Can Have Breast Reduction Procedure ?

Breast reduction surgery can be done to patients who are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts. As well as because of various health problems caused by breast size can be done. In fact, due to both aesthetic anxiety and health concerns, women can apply for breast reduction surgery.

It is very important that the patients who will have breast reduction surgery are physiologically healthy. Specialist surgeons will be in close contact with the patient. Before breast reduction surgery, surgeons will investigate whether the patient is healthy enough for a cosmetic surgery. Breast reduction surgery is not a surgical procedure to remove the entire breast.

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Before undergoing breast reduction surgery, all the details are discussed between specialist surgeons and patients. The most important point of these details is what kind of breast the patient wants to get. The patient must tell the surgeon of the desired breast shape and size detailed. And the surgeon begins the treatment process according to the patient’s request.

Prior to the operation, specialist surgeons inform patients about what needs to be done during the treatment process and the conditions to be encountered. The surgeon will give the patients the necessary information about what needs to be taken into consideration before entering the operation and to make the most of the treatment process after the operation.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed

Breast reduction surgery is performed by taking into account the size of the breasts, size of the body and shape of the patients. In breast reduction surgery, the patient’s ideal breast size must be determined first. Then the patient is referred to surgery. The patient is applied general anesthesia and then the specialist surgeons perform the necessary procedures. The duration of the operation may vary depending on the breast structure of the patients.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, the patient’s breasts become smaller. After the surgery, it is felt by the patient that the lower back, shoulder and spine pains are also eliminated. In accordance with the advice and warnings of surgeons, the patients should take care of the diet, rest and what they should avoid for their treatment. The discharge period after the operation varies depending on the situation, but on average it is usually 1 or 2 days. Patients are discharged after 1-2 days in the hospital.

After surgery, there may be some pain in the area where the incision is made and around the breast. These pains are very usual and it is possible to relieve these pains according to the medications given by the surgeons. In addition, it is important to wear specially designed bras for a specific period of time after the operation to have a faster treatment process.

Is There Incision Line Left After Breast Reduction Procedure ?

Under the breasts of patients who have breast reduction surgery, the incision line will remain. The incision is made on the chest and the suture marks will be visible after the operation because the cut area is stitched. However, since incisions are placed beneath the breast, there will be no visible cut marks when the bra is worn.

It is not possible to know how long the lines will remain after the operation. This is completely related to the incision area. The size of the incision removed after surgery is a factor that determines how long scars will remain in the area. The scars that were evident at first will become more faint and less visible on their own after a few years.

Is The Breast Shape Maintained After Surgery ?

It is difficult to tell whether the shape of the breasts will be maintained after breast reduction surgery because it is completely related to the physiological development of the patients. This can vary according to the skin structure, physiological structure, age and lifestyle of the patients. There is no question of making a judgment on this issue because getting old is something that cannot be stopped. Some signs of aging may also occur in various areas with the breast over time.

What to know After Breast Reduction Surgery

In breast reduction surgery, as with any surgery, various pain may occur. The reason for this is the incisions made in the region. However, these pains can be resolved within a few days with various antibiotics and medications.

After surgery, changes in nipple sensitivity, chest diseases, allergic conditions, nipple decay, breastfeeding problems may occur, such as various ailments. Before surgery, it is necessary to have information about these issues. Before the operation, surgeons will give you detailed information about the ailments that may occur.