Face Fat Injection

Since the skin is very sensitive, it is necessary to get detailed information about the procedure before the face oil injection and not to decide the procedure without having sufficient knowledge. It is important in every sense as it is among the superficial regions. In the fat injection procedure, the patient’s own adipose tissue is taken. Then it is passed through certain processes and injected into the regions with tissue deficiency on the face.

Adipose tissue is taken from certain parts of the body and processed. The injected fat volumes the region and removes wrinkles. With the injection of fat, the volume of the lips can be increased, or the cheekbones can be made more pronounced. Likewise, the volumes of the forehead and cheeks can be increased by fat injection. The depth of the injection process may differ depending on the area and depth of the wrinkles. Over time, some of the adipose tissue is absorbed and its effect decreases. Absorption usually occurs within the first 6 months. Therefore, multiple sessions of fat injection may be necessary for a successful operation.

Face Fat Injection Procedure

Fat tissue to be injected is taken from the periphery, hip, thigh inner and outer parts. Small entry points in millimetric sizes are determined and 20 to 30 cc of fat is removed from the region marked with the help of round-tip needles, i.e. cannulas. These fats do not show differences such as thinning in the region.

Fats taken from certain areas of the body are injected into the required areas of the face area through thin cannulas. An injection point size is determined during the injection. Therefore, there is no such thing as stitching or any traces left after the operation.

Facial fat injection procedure can sometimes be done in conjunction with other cosmetic operations. Operations such as nose surgery or facelift can be performed at the same time for the patient who has been injected with facial fat. Fat injection can be applied to the face in 15-20 minutes of these operations performed under general anesthesia.

Is The Face Fat Injection Procedure Permanent ?

Fat injected into the face may show absorption over time. This can reduce the fullness of the facial area. Even though the permanence rate of the injected fat is very high, it may be necessary to have the procedure repeated at certain time intervals as it may show absorption over time. Considering the possibility of repeating the oil injection to the face, extra fat can be taken from various parts of the patients and this fat can be stored at -20 degrees and used for subsequent procedures. In order to ensure the long-term persistence of facial oil injection, regular nutrition should be observed and the doctor’s recommendations should be followed.

Before The Face Fat Injection Procedure

Before undergoing facial fat injection procedure, patients should definitely inform the doctor if they have had any previous or irregular medications, whether they have had any operations before or if there is a genetic disorder from the family. It is very important that the various pills and blood-thinning medications used be discontinued a certain time before surgery. Because the drugs used can pose risks during the operation. To eliminate these risks, the usage of drugs should be discontinued a while ago. Smoking and alcohol use must also be terminated. Alcohol and cigarettes disrupt healthy blood circulation and can adversely affect wound healing or surgery success. It also poses a high risk for general anesthesia. Patients are advised to inform doctors if they are allergic to any medication or prohibition of drug use.

After The Face Fat Injection Procedure

Care should be taken to keep the head high after the operation. Lying on your back and sideways should be slept and lying on your stomach should be avoided. Slight pain may occur in the facial area after surgery. With prescription painkillers to be written by doctors, it is possible to relieve these pains. After the operation, intensive sports and exercise should be avoided for at least 1 week. Makeup can be applied 1 day after facial fat injection. Care should be taken not to use facial expressions during the first 3 days after the operation during the healing process. If any extreme reaction is encountered, you should consult the doctor as soon as possible. The result of the procedure will be controlled by the doctor as examining.

Face Fat Injection Procedure Prices

There are many factors that determine the operation prices. Details such as the experience of the doctors, details of the operation, case conditions in the region to be treated are among the factors that determine the prices of the operations. Therefore, it is not possible to say a clear price for facial fat injection surgery. You can get detailed information by visiting our clinic or by contacting us at our numbers, and you can have more information about the surgery by contacting our doctors.