Labium Reduction

One of the cosmetic operations performed on the vagina, labium reduction, is also described as labioplasty. The inner lips in the genital region may be considered to overflow slightly compared to other lips. However, in some women, the inner lip overflow can be too much due to different reasons. As a result of this, the problem of sagging inner lips can also occur. Due to genetic factors and various ailments, the inner lips may overflow. Giving birth in large numbers are among the reasons.
The overflow of the inner lips in the genital region also has a negative effect on women’s sex lives. As a result of this, women may lose self-confidence and may experience problems such as inability to stay naked. They also face situations of not liking themselves aesthetically. All these problems bring about problems such as the inability to wear tight clothes or swimsuits.

In What Cases Is Labium Reduction Surgery Required

The fact that the inner lips in the vagina are large due to genetic reasons causes major aesthetic problems for women. The large condition of the inner lips also causes irritation in the region and as a result, various problems in the region of the vagina.

In addition to the large inner lips, sagging of these lips are among the situations that require surgery. Sags in the inner lips may also occur as a result of loss of tissue due to physiological reasons and old age. The color of these lips darkens over time, causing unpleasant images. Due to the trauma, irritation, and injuries experienced in the inner lips, labium reduction could be necessary.

The inner lips in some women can be disproportionate to each other. The size difference between the lips can begin to occur over time. In order to eliminate this disproportionality in the inner lips, labium reduction can be performed. Weight fluctuation and giving birth in large numbers are also important factors in this regard.

The size of the inner lips in the vagina may not bother every woman. Some women become obsessed with this condition may prevent them from wearing bikinis, swimsuits, tight pants and various clothing. Naturally, they want to have labium reduction surgery and after a successful operation they can get the look they want.

Risks Of Labium Reduction Procedure

There may be risks in all surgeries as well as labium reduction surgery has some risks. However, these risks are very unlikely to occur. Most of these risks are usually from surgery. It is possible that it can be brought under control in a short time. There might be a decrease in sexual pleasure after the operation. The appearance of the inner lips can change due to differences in the healing period. It is possible to experience mild severe pain in the genital area. It is possible to relieve this pain with prescription painkillers given by doctors. It should be noted that all these possible risks are temporary and can be controlled in a short time.

Recovery Process After Labium Reduction Surgery

After Labium reduction surgery, the recovery process of the patients is very short. Patients can be discharged approximately 2-3 hours after the operation. However, patients at risk of infection are advised to spend the night in the hospital. However, due to anesthesia, it is generally more appropriate for patients to rest in their own home.

Patients ‘ recovery processes after labium reduction surgery are actually due to cleanliness. Patients need to keep the area hygienic after meeting the toilet needs. Other than that, it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse. Therefore, precautions should be taken against risks such as bleeding, stitches, and infection.

As the doctor advised the patients should also change the underwear daily. It is also very important to use the pad for the first few days in line with the recommendations. All these processes will allow the treatment process to be completed in a shorter time.