Liposuction (Fat Removal Procedure)

Liposuction is the process of removing excess fat in the body with a special application. Under normal conditions, the adult human body has a fixed number of fat cells, but their volume increases with weight gain. This weight, which cannot be given naturally, is reduced by liposuction because it creates some physical and psychological difficulties. Thus, it is possible to get rid of the fats that disturb the person with a single operation.

How is Liposuction Performed ?

It is entered into the fat tissue with 3-5 mm incisions made within the appropriate locations of the Liposuction area, and the fat tissue is removed from the region by the forward and backward movements of the special metal cannulas connected to the vacuum device via a special hose. Besides this, the tips of these cannulas, which are 2-5 mm in diameter, are blunt and fats are taken from the holes on the sides of the tip. The goal is to eliminate the bulges made by the fat tissues that accumulate in the bodies and to make the body lines look proportionate, that is, aesthetic. Liposuction can be done manually by means of the vacuum created by the stoppers applied to the pistons not in the vacuum but in the injector for the application. It can be injected into the adipose tissue with a special solution before the process begins. This allows for easier operation without bleeding. With the local anesthetic, it contains, the pain that will occur after the intervention is also prevented. This method is called as wet technique or tumescent technique. The previously applied dry technique has now been completely abandoned. There is also a technique called ultrasonic liposuction, in which the process is performed first by ultrasonic vibrations to soften the fats and then by doing so.

Who is Liposuction Performed On ?

Liposuction is not a slimming method. It is a treatment that is suitable for people who have normal or slightly more than normal weight, or who have more fat accumulation in the body region than other areas. The bulges made out of the fat puddle distort the body aesthetic and can also have negative effects on the mental status of the people. For these cases, fat accumulations are not lost even if the sport is done. Therefore, liposuction can be done. This is because fat tissues in these regions are different in character from other fat tissues in the region.

Who is Liposuction Can Not Performed On ?

It is not performed on overweight patients for slimming purposes. It is not a suitable method for removing cracks and sagging that occurs in the abdomen after birth. It can be performed on patients who have a stomach that has lost tension. In another sense, this procedure is definitely not done on skin that does not lose tension. Other serious problems who are at risk of general anesthesia during any surgical procedure, liver, kidneys, central nervous system chronic ailments involving in such surgeries can be done.

How Does The Postoperative Period Go ?

After surgery, people are discharged from the hospital wearing special corsets. These corsets prevent the bleeding that will occur in the area with the elastic structure. Hematoma and seroma called blood and fluid accumulation is prevented, allowing the skin to adhere to the layer allows the skin surface to be shaped more properly. These corsets need to be used without being removed at all. Then it should be used for 3 weeks by taking a shower and washing the corset again.

How Much is The Cost Of Liposuction Procedure ?

Liposuction prices vary from patient to patient. In some patients, the amount of fat to be removed is very high, while in others it is very low. The demands of patients and the experience of doctors are among the factors affecting liposuction prices. You can get more detailed information about liposuction prices by contacting us through our numbers; if you wish, you can request an appointment and have a wide-ranging interview with our doctors about the operation.