PRP Hair Treantment

PRP hair treatment is a method that is performed by taking one’s own blood to accelerate the healing of wounds and hair growth that occur after hair transplantation. A blood sample is taken from the patient’s body and the plasma of the blood is separated by a special procedure. After that, it is transferred to the region of the treatment with the help of an injector.
Because the person’s own blood is used, there is no risk of any infectious disease in the PRP hair treatment method. Other than that, it is not possible to experience any allergic condition. After the application, it will be seen that a revival occurs in the roots of the hair in a very short period of time. After PRP Hair Treatment, Hair tissue begins to develop and thinned, worn hair follicles are repaired. As a result, the hair will return to its healthy state again.

How is PRP Hair Treatment Performed ?

The application of PRP hair treatment is performed within a period of approximately 30 minutes. The hair follicles are injected with blood that taken from the patient and decomposed into the plasmas. Hair loss occurs when the blood is injected into the region where the hair follicles are weakened, resulting in revival and regeneration of the hair in the region.
PRP is very advantageous for patients as there are no scars or incisions in hair treatment. As with hair transplantation, there is no incision line of PRP in hair treatment after the procedure. In addition, after treatment, patients can continue their daily lives.

Treatmennt Methods Specific To Each Hair Type

Each patient has different hair types and different causes of hair loss. As a result, different special treatments are required for each patient. Thanks to our experienced doctors in Milano Clinic, it is possible to make hair treatments such as PRP that require care and attention. Our doctors will talk to you in detail and let you know what treatment methods are needed for your hair.